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Beyond Evolution is a short platforming experience/game that is based on a changing environment. While the world seems pretty natural in the beginning, it will shift towards a more metallic and fantasy like style. The overall look with its colors and contrasty approach is very important and sets this experience apart.

- short and fun puzzle platformer
- unlockable powers
- highly aesthetic & changing environment
- a cubic but still very natural style
- realtime raytracing for reflections, shadows and skylight
- benchmark mode to test your hardware

Minimum: 2 Cores/4 Threads | DX11 NVidia/AMD [2GB+ VRam] | 8GB Ram | 2 GB free storage | 64 Bit Windows OS
Recommended: 4 Cores/8Threads | GTX1060 or RX580 [4GB+ VRam] or above | 8GB Ram
RayTracing: 4 Cores/8 Threads | RTX 2060 or higher | 8GB Ram


BeyondEvolution_1.1.zip 472 MB

Install instructions

Installation: Simply extract the zip file, open the extracted folder and run the .exe file.

Important: For DX11 mode follow readme instructions.


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The first to comment on this game ? Well i can say that this game is really great, the aesthetics, epescially the surroundings are simply beautiful and the puzzles are simple and fun and can appeal to all audiences , it is really interesting seeing the scenery change around you as you progress  especially the lighting from the sun impacting the level is an amazing touch that imerses you further.

  The dialog on the stones really create a thought provoking message whether man can really intergrate both nature and technology for the persuit of better understandings without being as self destructive. The soundtrack is also very well suited to the game, it is surprising there are not any other comments for this cool, unique concept it is worth playing!